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Here you will find all the information to start with golf.

GVB means Golf Vaardigheids Bewijs (Proof of Golf Ability). That was the old name for what is now known as Handicap 54.

The starting phase in golf is the phase in which you learn the basic techniques, rules, and etiquette.

If you control these sufficiently, you will acquire a confirmation of that in the form of your NGF Pass with your Handicap 54 on it!

The steps in this first phase are:

  1. Taking Golf Lessons
  2. Acquire Golf Course Permission
  3. Pass the Rule Exam
  4. Play a round of Golf

For more information about a step, just click on it.

Before you can acquire your golf course permission, you have to become a member of a club.

We partner on this with Golf4Holland

If you have successfully finished all 4 steps, you will have acquired your Handicap 54 (GVB)!


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